A Matter of Blood

Dennis Gonzalez
A Matter of Blood

Recorded in Brooklyn, December 2008

Dennis Gonzalez - C trumpet / Bb cornet
Reggie Workman - bass
Curtis Clark - piano
Michael Thompson - drums

Review from JazzNet Denmark :
The latest release from the fantastic trumpet player Dennis Gonzalez leading the following musicians: Curtis Clark on piano, Michael TA Thompson on drums and Reggie Workman (who among other things, is remembered for his work with John Coltrane, Art Blakey and Wayne Shorter) on bass. From the first seconds it is clear that the interaction between the musicians in this quartet is tight, crisp and almost telepathic and nothing less than brilliant. The music is gripping, moving and everything is delivered with a spark and joyful playing, and makes no use of any unnecessary modern effects, as what is presented for listening is a raw acoustic sound. All the instrumentalists listen, supporting and backing each other up and follow in ancient footsteps - sometimes far, far away, their improvisations leading to mysterious roads in the dark. These are experienced guys who play music with incredible self-confidence that is such a pleasure to witness. Listening to this charged release, we hear interesting and exciting improvised jazz throughout, with plenty of edge. Dennis Gonzalez, and his brothers in battle, get the highest recommendation.

Review by Henrik Kaldahl

Listen: "Alzar La Mano" from A Matter of Blood: