Ts'iibil Chaaltun by Ataraxia

T S ' Í I B I L   C H Á A L T U N   by  A T A R A X I A
DOUBLE LP RELEASE / daagnimRecords DV-01
$17.00 + $3.12 postage in the U.S. 
$17 postage to Canada / $22 postage to Europe

"Ataraxia's the trio that estimable trumpeter-composer-visual artist-educator Dennis Gonzalez formed last year when he called on veteran Denton bassist Drew Phelps and Sri Lankan percussionist Jagath Lakpriya to form a unit that would explore quieter, more ruminative musical space than Yells At Eels. The three musicians stake out their territory on the first song, the traditional Sri Lankan theme "Ukusa." Over a drone provided by Phelps' tamboura app, the bassist delineates a modal field, which Gonzalez fills with well-chosen notes, leaving plenty of space for Lakpriya's percussion interjections. There's pulse here, but the music floats freely over it. 

On his composition "Tsantsa," Gonzalez establishes the foundation with a repeating figure on charango (a small Andean lute), over which he plays fragmented chords on guitar. Phelps responds with the deep, mournful song of his arco bass. 

Gonzalez's "Yarn" opens with a dialogue between Lakpriya's tabla and Phelps' darting pizzicato, to which the composer adds a brooding melody of Monkian abstraction. The recording captures every nuance of the group's intimate sound."

Ken Shimamoto
The Stash Dauber

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