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Vanishing Light in the Tunnel of Dreams

Pinkish Black with Yells At Eels
Vanishing Light In The Tunnel of Dreams
Ayler Records
Recorded in Ft. Worth, Texas
April 2018

Dennis Gonzalez - trumpets, percussion

Stefan Gonzalez - marimba, percussion
Aaron Gonzalez - electric and acoustic bass
Jon Teague - synths, drum
Daron Beck - synths, keyboards
"Heatstroke Mirage" - video/audio from 'Vanishing Light In The Tunnel Of Dreams'

Ts'iibil Chaaltun by Ataraxia

T S ' Í I B I L   C H Á A L T U N   by  A T A R A X I A
DOUBLE LP RELEASE / daagnimRecords DV-01
$17.00 + postage to be determined at the time of mailing

Dennis Gonzalez - trumpets, gongs, voice, percussion
Drew Phelps - acoustic bass
Jagath Lakpriya - Tabla 

Eastern-tinged improvisational jazz based on Sri Lankan tabla rhythms, much like the sound of Codona

Click on the link to hear Ukusa

Certain Aspects

Derek Rogers &
Dennis Gonzalez

Certain Aspects

3" CD in a handmade boxed package

Marginal Frequency Records

Derek Rogers: Real-Time Laptop Processing
Dennis Gonzalez: Treated C trumpet and Bb cornet


Mazolewski-Gonzalez Quintet

For Tune Records (Warsaw)
Recorded Warsaw, 2010

Dennis Gonzalez - C trumpet, cornet
Marek Pospieszalski - tenor sax, alto clarinet
Joanna Duda - piano
Wojtek Mazolewski - contrabass
Jerzy Rogiewicz - drums

Listen to Newcomer and Astigmatic from Shaman...

Colorado At Clinton

Dennis Gonzalez
Yells At Eels
Aakash Mittal

Ayler Records (France)

Dennis Gonzalez - C tpt, Bb cornet
Aakash Mittal - alto sax
Stefan Gonzalez - drums
Aaron Gonzalez - contrabass

Listen to Shades of India / Wind Streaks in Syrtis Major

Bandoleros en Gdansk

Dennis Gonzalez
Yells At Eels
featuring Wojtek Mazolewski
12" 45 rpm Vinyl

1 Car Garage Records (Dallas)
Recorded at Radio Gdansk,
Gdansk, Poland

Dennis Gonzalez - cornet, C trumpet
Marek Pospieszalski - tenor sax
Aaron Gonzalez - contrabass
Wojtek Mazolewski - contrabass
Stefan Gonzalez - drums

Wind Streaks in Syrtis Major (7 inch vinyl)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells At Eels
featuring Wojtek Mazolewski

7 inch white vinyl 
$7.50 + postage.

TreeFallSounds Records

Recorded November 2011
Gdansk Poland

Dennis Gonzalez - C trumpet
Marek Pospieszalski - tenor sax
Aaron Gonzalez - contrabass
Wojtek Mazolewski - contrabass
Stefan Gonzalez - drums, orgullo primitivo

So Soft Yet

Dennis Gonzalez-
Joao Paulo Duo
So Soft Yet

Recorded in Lisbon
January 2010
Clean Feed Records

Joao Paulo - piano, electric piano, accordion
Dennis Gonzalez - C trumpet, Bb cornet, octave divider

Songs of Early Autumn

Dennis Gonzalez
Connecticut Quartet

Songs of Early Autumn

No Business Records 


Dennis Gonzalez - C trumpet
Joe Morris - bass
Timo Shanko - tenor sax
Luther Gray - drums

A Matter of Blood

Dennis Gonzalez
A Matter of Blood

Recorded in Brooklyn, December 2008

Dennis Gonzalez - C trumpet / Bb cornet
Reggie Workman - bass
Curtis Clark - piano
Michael Thompson - drums

Renegade Spirits

Dennis Gonzalez
Renegade Spirits
featuring Famoudou Don Moye
Renegade Spirits

Recorded in Dallas.

Dennis Gonzalez - trumpets / Tim Green - tenor sax
Famoudou Don Moye - drums, percussion
Aaron Gonzalez - bass, percussion
Stefan Gonzalez - drums, percussion, bass clarinet

N Y Midnight Suite

Dennis Gonzalez
N Y Quartet
N Y Midnight Suite

Recorded NY 2003

Dennis Gonzalez - C trumpet, Bb trumpet
Ellery Eskelin - tenor sax
Mark Helias - bass
Michael Thompson - drums

No Photograph Available

Dennis Gonzalez
Boston Project

No Photograph Available
Recorded in Hyde Park, MA

Dennis Gonzalez - trumpets
Charlie Kohlhase - saxophones
Croix Galipault - drums
Joe Morris - bass
Nate McBride - bass

Our CD-R's are US$10 each + Postage
The CD-R's are transferred and mastered from 
the original vinyl, so they may have imperfections 
in the sound quality.

Air Light (Sleep Sailor)/Music from Ancient Texts (CD-R)

Air Light (Sleep Sailor)
Music from Ancient Texts
Dennis Gonzalez / Kings in Exile

Dennis Gonzalez: pocket trumpet, drums, percussion
Jamal Mohmed: drums, Arabic percussion
Buddy Mohamed: contrabass
Jim Sangrey: tenor sax / Ron Bucknam: guitar
Bill Emery: trombone / Birk Resenddag: drums
Burnett Anderson: trumpet / Aziz Fakrizadeh: violin

This CD-R contains the full album of Kings in Exile
and 4 tracks from Air Light (Sleep Sailor)

$10 - E-mail for quotes outside of the U.S.

Kukkia (CD-R)

Dennis Gonzalez: Kukkia (1981)

Dennis Gonzalez: trumpet, bass, percussion
Gerard Bendiks: drums / Freddy Jones: trumpet
Alex Camp: bass / Creighton Curlee: guitar
Marcy Fulsom: piano / Roger Irwin: guitar
Sam Johnson: alto sax / Jamal Mohmed: vibes
Daniel Joynes: drums / Ron Bucknam: guitar
Brian Schober: pipe organ 

$10 - E-mail for quotes outside of the U.S.

Stars/Air/Stripes: CD-R / LP

 Vinyl LP copies are still available

Dennis Gonzalez:
Stars / Air / Stripes (1982)

Dennis Gonzalez: trumpet, alto sax, piano, vocals, percussion
Fred Raulston: vibes / Tim Seibles: violin, voice
Pat Coil: electric piano / Alex Camp: contrabass
Gerard Bendiks: drums / Bob Ackerman: woodwinds
Jim Sangrey: tenor sax / Michael Watson: electric bass
Jamal Edeen Mohamed: drums / Steve Meeks: alto sax
Burnett Anderson: fluegelhorn / Betel Bill Emery: trombone
Roger Irwin: electric guitar / J. Roddy McGinnis: electric guitar

CD-R $10 - E-mail for quotes outside the U.S.
LP $15 (+ postage) - E-mail for quotes outside the U.S.

Witness: CD-R / LP

Dennis Gonzalez: Witness (1983)

Dennis Gonzalez: trumpet, bass clarinet, percussion
Prince Lasha: baritone sax, alto sax
Ed Smith: vibes / Jim Sangrey: tenor sax
Burnett Anderson: trumpet / Mark Menikos: violin
Jamal Mohmed: drums, Arabic percussion
Buddy Mohamed: contrabass / Ken Grimes: vibes
Gary Gazaway: trumpet / James Zitro: drums
Alex Coke: tenor sax

CD-R $10  - E-mail for quotes outside the U.S.

Anthem Suite/Little Toot (CD-R)

Anthem Suite/Little Toot (1984/1985)
Dennis Gonzalez-John Purcell 6tet & 8tet

DG: trumpet, pocket trumpet / John Purcell: alto sax, tenor sax
Alex Camp: bass / Bob Ackerman: baritone sax, alto sax, flute
Gerard Bendiks: drums, percussion, s-i / Jim Sangrey: tenor sax
Henry Franklin: bass / W. A. Richardson: drums
Pat Peterson: vocal / Rob Blakeslee: trumpet, fluegelhorn

$10 - E-mail for quotes outside of the U.S.

Catechism (CD-R)

Dennis Gonzalez Dallas-London Sextet
Catechism (1987)

DG - trumpet, pocket trumpet / Elton Dean- saxello
Keith Tippett - piano / Marcio Mattos - bass
Louis Moholo - drums / Rob Blakeslee - trumpet, fluegelhorn

 $10 - E-mail for quotes outside of the U.S.

Home (CD-R)

Dennis Gonzalez Yells At Eels "Home" (2001)

Dennis Gonzalez - trumpet, samples, keyboard
Aaron Gonzalez - contrabass, electric bass
Stefan Gonzalez - drums / Scott Bucklin - piano
Tim Green - tenor sax / Shane Cooper - electric guitar
 $10 - E-mail for quotes outside of the U.S.

Old Time Revival (CD-R)

Dennis Gonzalez New Southern Quintet
Old Time Revival

Entropy Stereo 014 [CD-R]
Recorded in Dallas, 2002

Dennis Gonzalez- trumpet
Andrew Lamb - tenor sax
Tim Green - saxello, bass sax, tenor sax
Alvin Fielder - drums
Malachi Favors - bass

Forever the Falling of Stars (CD-R)

Dennis Gonzalez
Forever the Falling of Stars

daagnim CDR5
Dallas 1995

Dennis Gonzalez:
all instruments, except:
Stefan Gonzalez:
Stain vocals
Aaron Gonzalez - contrabass

Live in Washington, DC, 1989 (CD-R)

Dennis Gonzalez
Band of Sorcerers
featuring Frank Lowe
Live in Washington, DC, 1989

Very Limited Edition daagnimRecords CD-R

Note: Transferred from a board cassette recording, so the sound is not optimum. It is, however, a great historical document.

Dennis Gonzalez - trumpet
Frank Lowe - tenor sax
Reggie Nicholson - drums
Carter Mitchell - bass

2100 New Orleans - Vinyl LP

Rob Blakeslee
2100 New Orleans
daagnim LP 14
$15 (+ postage)

Rob Blakeslee - trumpet, fluegelhorn
Lado Jaksa - piano, synth, alto sax
Claude Johnson - piano
Buddy Mohmed - contrabass
W.A.Richardson - drums
Alan Green- percussion